After a serious consideration and communication between the 51st IPhO Organizing Committee, the 51st IPhO Steering Committee, and the IPhO President, it has been decided to POSTPONE THE 51st IPHO TO 2021 TO BE HELD IN VILNIUS, LITHUANIA.

Please be informed that IPhO President, Prof. Rajdeep Singh Rawat, worked with all future IPhO organizers for years 2021 to 2028 has obtained the kind consent and agreement to shift the organization of IPhO in their countries by one year each. We thank all Future IPhO Organizers and IPhO Secretariat to kindly agreeing to our request to postpone the organization of 51st IPhO to 2021.

We want to assure you that all the involved parties did serious and diligent discussion to find out the best solution and that is why it took so long. We took note of very important global events that were postponed or cancelled this year such as the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan or Eurovision song contest. We asked all the team leaders to participate in the survey about the 51st IPhO and our findings confirm our opinions that a physical IPhO this year is impossible and a high number of the respondents do not believe in the fairness or feasibility of the online competition. We look forward to seeing and welcoming you in Lithuania in 2021 for 51st IPhO.